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Financial support

Qui Vive is a club with healthy ambitions which require healthy finances. Qui Vive has established a strong reputation in terms of sports performance, professionalism, fun, hospitality and international allure. 

Qui Vive Cricket increasingly is attracting the attention of companies and sponsors who affiliate themselves with our club for commercial reasons. Not only does it reach an interesting target group,the club also offers a professional partnership, access to an extensive network, and local and international exposure.

Sponsoring Qui Vive

By sponsoring QuiVive you will be making an important contribution to the club and to the preservation of cricket as a top-level sport and as a recreational sport in the Amsterdam area. Sponsorship is not only one of the cornerstones of our club, but also contributes to good longstanding relations with your clients and employees.

Qui Vive Cricket works with three fixed sponsorship packages, and also offers modular options for individually tailored sponsoring. Depending on your objective, budget and wishes, we can devise a package to suit you from the following options:

Company name and/or logo on: ● The sports clothing and training gear of teams QuiVive I, QuiVive II and Ladies ● The players’ cars at away games. ● The advertising boards on the main ground and/ or second ground ● A banner on the balcony edge (30m) ● The electronic scoreboard on the main ground ● A flag on a flagpole by the club entrance ● The sponsor board in the clubhouse ● The television screen in the clubhouse ● The QuiVive website ● 

Additional options: ● Team sponsoring ● Coaching sponsoring ● Material sponsoring (sponsorship of one ball starts at €20) ● Event sponsoring ● Sponsoring in kind (knowledge, skills, resources) ● Relation marketing and free cricket clinics ● Use of the clubhouse and accommodations of QuiVive (in consultation) ● Invitations to matches of QuiVive I, including drinks and snacks ● Invitations to business club events ● Invitations to international matches at Qui Vive

Companies, clinics and events

QuiVive’s excellent facilities are not only made available to our sponsors but also to other companies and institutions hosting company days or events for their employees. On such occasions QuiVive is able to provide cricket clinics led by professional cricket players. The club also offers a vast range of catering options; lunches, dinners on the pavilion balcony, drinks and parties.

Would you like to link your company name to QuiVive Cricket? Please contact one of the members of the Sponsor Committee for more information by telephone or email. We will be happy to discuss the range of possibilities with you!

Sponsor committee Qui Vive 

Email: info@quivivecc.com