Smash! Cricket

Based on the successful Australian Milo T20 Blast, Smash! Cricket is a modified playing format designed to encourage children to play and enjoy cricket. Played with a soft ball in teams of eight with matches of 16 overs per side, it is ideal for introducing both boys and girls to the game, and its fast-moving style is aimed at keeping children active and involved throughout.

The Qui Vive CubZwill be taking part in the Smash! Cricket programme in two ways. The Under-9 and Under-10 teams which we have entered in the KNCB’s regular weekend competition will be playing under Smash! Cricket rules, but there will also be three Friday-evening Smash! Cricket events organised by the three Amsterdam clubs with active youth sections. The first of these will take place at Sportpark de Eendracht on 20 May, and will be followed by others hosted by ACC and VRA on 17 June and 8 July.

You and your child do not need to be club members to take part in Smash! Cricket. If your child is aged between 7 and 11 you can sign up for one or more events by contacting Rod Lyall at, and they can then decide whether they would like to play the game on a more regular basis.

For more information about Smash! Cricket (in Dutch), see the KNCB’s brochure at