Qui Vive Zomi – A Journey to Cherish


Every team has Champions in their lineup but it is always the Champion team who can defeat the team of Champions.

It all started with a team of 15 players and the people from different age groups .Some new players and some experienced. People from different parts of the world and different skill sets.

The Team was lead by Mayank (Captain), Bhargav (Vice-Captain)and this was new to us too.At the beginning of the season, we knew very little that we would emerge as the CHAMPIONS nor did we know that we would set several milestones in our journey ahead. The season started on a positive note with two wins of two games and this has set the momentum for the rest of the season. At this point, we knew each other’s strengths, we backed each other on the field ,we analyzed our opponents, never yelled at each other on the field and more importantly played with the right spirit. We believed in each other’s abilities and played as a team .At any point of the game, we were never short of ideas. We stuck to our strategies and implemented them brilliantly.

The turning point of this season was the game against Ajax. It was a very close encounter where we fought our way through and eventually won by 2 runs. This win meant a lot to us and it has given us the moral confidence and the belief which we carried with us till the end of the season.

We were good individually but we were exceptional as a team .Everyone knew their responsibilities and chipped in at the right time and we enjoyed playing as a team. We faced our toughest opponents in our fifth game with both the teams undefeated till that point.We have beaten them by a big margin. At this point we started believing that we can beat any team and that we were just a few games away from the championship.

With each and every game, we made some minor adjustments to our batting and bowling attacks based on the situation of the match and the condition of the pitch.

The trainings arranged by our club also helped us a lot in fine tuning our batting, bowling and fielding skills and the final results speaks volumes about it.

We finished our season with 10 straight wins and beating all the opponents in our league. After a hard fought season, we now have the memories to cherish and to say it loud that we are the CHAMPIONS and yes we deserve it .

I am overwhelmingly happy to share this experience and thank the team for this gigantic achievement and the club for encouraging and promoting us. Hoping to repeat the same in our next season.