Qui Vive Cubz win at the Schipholfonds donations!

Qui Vive Cubz are in the news again, apart from winning their games this season. Aadhya Sharma (10) from Qui Vive has won the award for the nomination in ‘Youth Program’  along with Qui Vive being the only representation from a cricketing community.  The amount won is still a suspense and will be revealed at the awards ceremony next on 18th June ’16.

Kudos to Aadhya for winning the prize for our club and deserves credits for the novel cause she mentioned in her application. Press release of Schipholfonds says  ” Aadhya wants new cricket supplies for her club, because the policy of the Sportpark on the Concord-based Quivive is to recruit new members from New West, especially from families who previously had no knowledge of the sport”.

“You cannot expect that parents of children start spending money with cricket immediately to buy the necessities,” she wrote in her application, “and so we have to provide those things.””

A big thanks to our community for the continuous support in your votes and pulling in the additional support from your friends and family. Congratulations Aadhya once again, and let the money pour in to achieve the cause!!