Qui Vive 5 Win Season Opener

TOSS: Qui Vive Team 5, elected to bat first

Qui Vive Team 5 – 296/9, 40 overs, Amit – 84, Bhargav – 58, Aravind – 52
Soheil -4 wickets ,Arun -3 ,Praneeth -2 ,runout -1 (Naveen )
Kikkers team 1 – 128/10, 22 Overs

WEATHER: Beautiful Saturday morning for cricket, we couldn’t have asked for a better weather to start the first game of the season, with a maximum of 20 Degree, lush green outfield, it was ecstatic.


First Half: With Bhargav winning the toss and electing to bat first, the openers setting a cautious start, we were all ready for a big score, the first wicket falling in the 5th over, Aravind with quick singles and aggressive square shots was setting the pace, a good fifty and a nice partnership with Amit, Bhargav joining hands anchored the rest f the innings giving Amit the freedom to score, a Good few sixes by the duo at the end the batsmen were totally in control, kikkers bowling unit struggled with the left and righthand combination and we were at 179 for 30 overs, trying to accelerate despite losing wickets are regular interval and some good catching by Kikkers to get Bhargav out, Qui Vive Team 5 score 296 runs at the loss of 9 wickets completed the quota of 40 overs.

Credit and Thanks for the ground preparation by Grant and Dirk, you guys are amazing as always. nice lunch awaited the team and it was a good feast.

Second Half: With Kikkers team 1 opening batsmen, marking their guard and Bhargav setting the field, the first two overs of caution and then their wicket-keeper batsmen, flicking full-length deliveries towards the leg side boundaries, about 7th over the opening duo put up their 50 runs partnership, the captains trick of taking a time-out regroup, and the first wicket with a good shot towards the long on and a cool Amit taking a perfect catch of the innings dismissing the batsmen, and then a direct hit from the square leg when the batsmen tried for a quick single not only ended the partnership but almost the whole innings, Sohail dismissing the no3 with an in-swing wide from the leg stump only to hit the stumps is a beauty and the batsmen could have absolutely not done anything about it, wickets kept falling, bowlers celebrating every other over, Pranith and Arun bowling well in tandem ensured we were off to an early dinner dismissing the opposition for a mere 128 runs at the end of 22 overs, Giving the team some happy hours.

Batsmen: Amit – 84 runs and the catch turning point of the match. – Qui Vive
Bowler – Sohail – 4 wickets, the beauty on the leg side and the slower balls – Qui Vive

Thank you so much all for every contribution, keeping the scores, running with water and umpiring and every aspect of the game, as always there are things we could do better and that’s exactly what we will be doing to try and win all games.

~ Naveen Balaji