Qui Vive 1 registers second WIN

Match Result/Summary: Qui Vive won by 82 runs
Toss : Won by home team, Elected to Bat first.
Venue: QV Cricket ground
Qui Vive 226 all out in 49.5 Overs
VRA 2 169 all out in 44.1 overs
  • Savneet Singh 4/37 in 10 overs
  • Prashanth K 3/35 in 10 overs
  • Hemanth 1/0 in 0.1 overs
  • Abhishek 1/32 in 9 overs
MOM: Hemanth K (38 runs and 1 wicket) & Abhishek S (37 runs and 1 wicket) – Why two ? Read below

Qui Vive 1 went in the match with lot of confidence from the previous win vs. Ajax and some players finding form early in the season. The new guns had fired and the captain was confident that we are on the right track. Well, that feeling turned upside down very quickly

Qui Vive started with the opening pair of Akash and Maninder; Both had played well in the last match and Akash took the opening spot in Amar’s absence. We lost both our openers fairly quickly with just 24 on the board. VRA came in with a very good team and a young top klasse player who showed our batsman what we are up against when we get promoted. Swapnil and Santosh went in at 3 and 4 and tried to play sensibly to ensure no more shocks happened. Swapnil aiming to accelerate, hit one straight to mid-off and we were 63/3. Santosh was caught behind on a peach of a delivery from V Singh and we lost 2 of our best in span of 2 overs sitting at 65/4. Prashanth held the ground by playing out the good deliveries and targeting the bad ones. A small partnership was building between him and Savneet but was short lived as Savneet was judged LBW and the scoreboard looked ugly for QV 84/5.
The responsibility was on Ashish and Rohit to stable the ship but irresponsible shots led to a dire situation of 103 for 8 è We were down and almost out. Competition high on confidence. Shoulders down and our confidence had resulted in complacency and a hard reality check
In one line this is the best win we have had for last 8 years of my cricket in NL. How ? Read further …
From 103 / 8 to 226 is a journey of patience, talent, lots of cheers and emotions
With last batsman remaining, Abhishek joined hemanth. Playing 50 overs was the prime focus and knowking the talent there (Best batsman from 2018 and ~250 runs in 2018 standing together). They started playing sensibly and at the same time was showcasing to others what we should have done in the middle. They had very small targets of 5 – 10 runs in mind. We saw score reaching 110, 115, 120, 125 …. 150/8. The strategy of strengthening the lower order was working and without realizing we had crossed a score which we had almost lost the hope of achieving.
For us anything above 150 was a bonus looking at our situation an hour back. But these 2 ensured we reached 171 – already a respectable total looking at our bowling line up. Hemanth got out caught behind and now we were almost certain that we will end short of 200. Came in Kumaran.
The lower order was in a zone to show why we say there are 11 batsman in Team 1. Both started cautiously and reached 180. Then a sudden burst of energy and Kumaran started playing big shots along with Abhishek all over the ground. In no time we saw us going past 200 and reaching 226. Kumaran got out on the 4th ball of the last over. In Nutshell, A great job done and opponents left with an open mouth, demotivated and shoulders dropped è A magical turnaround
Rohit and Prashanth started to bowl to their opening Top klasse batsman with their captain. An experienced pair. Prashanth struck early and removed their captain with 10 runs on the board. They ended 10 overs with 32 on board. A tight start breaking their confidence further.
Savneet came in with a strong intent to show why he has been a spearhead for Quivive. Striking early and removing their best batsman on 45.
Quivive did not allow partnerships to build and were striking on regular intervals to ensure we don’t loose momentum and the opponents don’t gain confidence.
They lost 3 quick wickets on 85 – from 85/4 to 85/7. Their tail wanted to wag the same way as ours did but matching a magical performance on the same day against our bowling attack was a long shot and we were too high on momentum to let that happen. After sticking to crease for more than 1.5 hours we got them all out on 169.
For us some key learnings: Don’t lose hope + control extras.
Kudos to VRA for a great match and sportsmanship and happy to get an opportunity to play against really talented players. Best of luck and may the best team win!
A very happy and proud captain

~ Rohit Jhamb