QCC hosts NLTC Tournament

The 4th edition of NLTC Cricket League was held on 01-August and 08-August in Qui Vive Cricket Club. With passionate 10 Men teams and 2 Women Teams had participated from various Cities across Netherlands beating the heat wave to make it a successful event. The tournament received over-whelming response and positive energy from participants in the Qui Vive Cricket Club amidst of COVID situation.

History of NCL Cricket:

NCL 2019 Champions: Hidden Dragons (Turned in to Hidden Kings for 2020 Edition)
NCL 2019 Runner-up: Den Haag Dare Devils
NCL 2018 Champions: Dream XI
NCL 2018 Runner-up: Amstelveen Strikers
NCL 2017 Champions: Den Haag Dare Devils

Winners of the 4th edition of NCL 2020 Cricket  Men Team: HIDDEN KINGS








Runners of the 4th edition of NCL 2020 Cricket  Men Team: SMASHERS XI

The 4th edition of NLTC Cricket Women League was held on 08-August in Qui Vive CC. Winners of the 4th edition of NCL 2020 Cricket  Women team: AMSTELVEEN SUPER NOVAS


Message from Nitin R. Potdar, Chairman of Qui Vive CC:

On behalf of Qui Vive CC, I would like to congratulate the winning men/ women teams and also the organizers for successfully hosting this tournament following the protocols set by the government. QCC is looking forward to hosting many such NLTC tournaments in the coming years