Outdoor Training – Youth & Seniors

Qui Vive youth and seniors start their outdoor training from today. The training schedule is as follows:

  • Seniors – Tue/Wed/Fri – 18:00 to 22:00 hrs
  • Youth (u9/u11/u13/u15) – Wed/Thurs – 18:00 to 22:00 hrs 
Sport park rules:
  • The entrance gates will remain closed, only players and trainers can enter the site (5 minutes before the start).
  • Training is provided by the clubs, they appoint one corona coordinator per training. This coordinator ensures, among other things, an orderly course of training, changing teams on the field, entry and exit to the fence and compliance with the training guidelines of the sports association.
  • The manager is present at the gate BOK4 (also for AAC Rugby) for access and at Spark United for toilet use. 1 in 1 inside, please indicate that this can only be used in an emergency.
  • Change clothes / shower at home, encourage use of toilet at home before training.
  • For hygiene reasons it is recommended to that the athletes bring their own equipment.
  • Club houses will remain closed for the public for the time being.
  • No parents / spectators are allowed within the gates.  Only trainers / supervisors and players are allowed.
  • Water point can be used, manager takes care of cleaning button and spout.
  • From 14:55 hrs the manager will open the BOK4 running gate and depending on the training reservations, the gate will be closed no later than 22:00 hrs.
  • Please stick to these times and take into account the training times
  • Instructions from the administrator must be followed.
  • Updates regarding the press conferences and measures from the government, NOC NSF and the emergency ordinance of the municipality of Amsterdam will be shared as soon as possible via https://www.sportparkdeeengebruik.nl/corona-virus-update/

We would like to invite all cricket lovers wishing to play cricket to join us. More information can be obtained by sending an email to: info@quivivecc.com