My Experience So Far …

Myself and my partner were blessed to be given the chance to work in the Netherlands.  Our lives took a massive turn in a very short time. Before we knew it, we were in this amazing country.  I followed my passion into sport as soon as I left school and today I get to coach cricket which is a living dream.

In the beginning, it was a little difficult to understand or grasp the level at which clubs in The Netherlands would be playing at. Coming from South Africa, the cricketing system and development is very strong from a very young age, and this was all I knew at the time. And so the move was going to be an eye-opener, no matter which way the ball rolled. Once we arrived and training started, I was really excited to see the level of talent not only within our own club, but in The Netherlands as a whole. I saw almost immediate improvement in some of the players after the first few training sessions, whether it be in batting, bowling, fielding or the mental aspect of the game. This club has the potential to be number one in every league.  I have been lucky to be part of a few cricket clinics around the netherlands. I see talent and excitment from many of the youngsters.
I hope to see the Netherlands cricket compete at a high level. Its starts with youngsters all the way up to the senior leagues and teams to grow the love of cricket.

To all, enjoy the rest of the season and i hope its a postive finish.

~ Sean da Silva