Journey of Qui Vive ZOMI so far….

What makes a team great? Great players, Great Captain, Great facilities, or the fact that it’s called team for a reason.The same is what we experienced with our ZOMI team. Match after match after match, the team have proven that with team work and commitment, you can achieve great results, but most iIMG-20160706-WA0000mportantly enjoy the game to the fullest.
Despite of around half of the team new, the team gels perfectly and plays with the true spirit without any ego. Each member support other team members to the best of their capabilities.
We have observed that the hardwork in training and commitment is shown on the field, where our fielding has never been better. Infact, we see opponents getting demotivated after seeing our fielding efforts. Moreover, improvement on bowling with decipline is tremendous with around 20 odd runs in wides in all the matches. The fact that in past 5 matches (till 2016 July 9), we got the opponents all out in all 5 matches. So the results speak for themselves.
Our batting has also been good with depth of batting and spreading the talent in the order, already provides us a bit of advantage.
This is the first year, that Mayank (me) is leading the team as captain, and Bhargava as vice captain. We have team from 55 year old to 25 year old, people with important position in the club and newbies, with and without club level experience, but on field their committment and trust to the team and their captains have made our job fruitful and efficient. We always start the match with captain laying down strategy, and discussing in open with the team. Team responds, appreciates and discusses their ideas without hesitation and then on field, put their trust in the captain.
I am very proud to be part of this team, Captain or no captain, and will always enjoy all moments with this team.
~ Mayank Khare