From kids cricket to cricketing Moms …

Every child needs to learn, play, and be healthy and every little girl and boy should have equal opportunity to choose sport in general and cricket in particular as a viable career path. Sadly, however, despite the biological fact that 50% of the world’s potential cricket players are women, the current level of adoption of the sport doesn’t do justice to this potential.

That is why in addition to our thriving youth program, we aim to develop and scale our newly instituted women’s program. We want to in make it possible for young girls and women to strive for a career in cricket and even make it a viable vocation. Moreover, we want to activate the potential for women to influence the uptake of cricket in families as well. If a soccer mom culture can thrive so can a cricket mom culture. Qui Vive’s GLOW & GROW program for kids and women’s cricket has 2 objectives:

o GLOW or Girls Leading Our World: to empower girls and women to become a leading light for sport in general and cricket.
o GROW : To grow our youth program and make it accessible to all kids interested in cricket

As Women’s World Cup 2021 looms, we are proud to have 5 girls from our youth program selected into the Dutch lionesses program. However, to have a more lasting, sustainable contribution to women’s cricket in The Netherlands, we aim to scale the women’s program with recruitment, professionalism, coaching staff, fitness and fielding not to mention spreading and promoting the sport among’st women.

Starting with a local Dutch base, Qui Vive has demonstrable success in integrating members from the Indian subcontinent, Australia, South Africa and several other countries. In its new mission of expanding the youth program and initiating the women’s cricket program, Qui Vive aims to address the United Nations sustainable development goals for health and well being, gender equality and education.

By bringing the relatively-unknown sport of cricket to the Nieuw-West & International Amsterdam community we aim to engage boys, girls, women and their families in physical and social activity, thereby enhancing both participation levels and community integration. In addition to the number of children we hope to recruit, the process of outreach itself is having and will, we believe, continue to have positive social effects. We hope to empower young girls and women to strive for a career in sport and impart the deeply ethical and respectful culture that comes with the spirit of cricket.

If you would like to join us in this journey, please send us an email and we will be more than happy to provide you with more details.

~ Anoop Gangadharan