CubZ Updates – U12 Team

Qui Vive’s CubZ have made a great start to their outdoor careers, after a very young U12 team found life tough in the Flamingo Indoor tournaments in March and April. We are fielding an U10 side in the beginners’ section of the KNCB summer competition, and the U9s are taking part in weekly Carousel events with teams from Bloemendaal and VRA. The U10s, coached by head youth coach Andy Baird, have done extremely well, finishing the first phase in third place and qualifying for the top-four play-offs. They started this latter stage with a win over Bloemendaal on 25 June, and will face ACC and VRA in their last two matches. After the summer break there will be a final festival on either 28 August or 4 September.

It is very encouraging to see individual players making steady progress, with the bowling in particular showing great improvement. Appu Natarajan, Angel Edwin, Om Mukherjee and Nidhi Patil have all made valuable contributions, but it’s the team’s strength as a unit which enables them to perform so well.

The U9s started well, winning their first two matches, but the emphasis of the Carousel is on enjoying the game and learning at the same time, and again it’s the individual progress that the CubZ are making under coach BaraniDakshinamoorthy which is really satisfying. Here too there’s gradual improvement in the bowling, while Alan Edwin has emerged as the star batsman as well as being a useful bowler. DharmilSavla and RishabhNambir regularly claim wickets.

New players continue to join us, but there’s plenty of room for more. We struggle for numbers some weeks, and we will be looking to expand over the winter with a view to fielding an U12 side as well as the U10s and U9s next season.So encourage your friends to sign their kids up for the Qui Vive CubZ!

Rod Lyall