Cricket Carousel 2015

Cricket Carousel, 2015

This Sunday, 20 Sept,2015 it’s Qui Vive’s turn to host the Cricket Carousel at Sportpark de Eendracht. All present and new Qui Vive CubZ are naturally invited, to share the day with junior players from other clubs in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Bloemendaal and elsewhere in the region. The first two Carousels have been a great experience, so let’s make this week’s even better!
National team captain Peter Borren will again be part of the coaching team, supported by other leading players and our own coaches. The only cost is €5 for the lunch.
We look forward to seeing you there, starting at 9:30 a.m.!

The weather gods may not like international cricket very much, but they seem to approve of kids playing the game.In a month which has already seen almost a centimetre of rain fall on Amsterdam, and in which five of the eight days of cricket between the Netherlands and Scotland were either rained off or badly disrupted, the Sunday-morning regional Cricket Carousel has been blessed by relatively good weather.

This week it was Qui Vive’s turn to host the travelling merry-go-round, and it certainly lived up to its name. We had organised it so that the children, aged from five to 11, moved around three stations for batting, bowling and fielding (the ‘go-round’ bit), and there was plenty of merriment as they hit balls off tees, threw at targets or a single stump, and developed their bowling skills. We were lucky enough to have Dutch national captain Peter Borren and his VRA team-mate Leon Turmaine join the coaching team, and together with Qui Vive CubZ coach Andy Baird and a big group of Qui Vive members they made sure that all the children learned lots more about the game while having a great time.

In all 34 children from six clubs took part, including nine from our own CubZ programme. The coaches selected one player from each of the three age-groups as the one who had shown the most talent during the morning, and posters of national team players – of course including an autographed one of Peter Borren himself – were presented to Dato Bouwhuis (Bloemendaal, U10), Jolijn de Maar (Qui Vive, U9) and Olivia Petterson (VRA, U7). It was unfortunate that the matches which conclude the Carousel programme each week had to be cut short because the ground was needed for football matches, but the CubZ will move inside next week to begin their winter programme. We hope to see a big turn-out at Sportcentrum Ookmeer from 14:00 to 16:00 next Sunday, as the creation of our own CubZ teams really gets under way.

~ Roderick Lyall