Almere | A Successful Indoor Clinic

First Sunday of October in 2020 & the cold winds of Autumn were blowing through The Netherlands. It’s that time of the year when the cricket kits/gear of players are moved into storage, the team jerseys taking their place at the deepest corners of the wardrobes for a deserved rest throughout winter after a super hectic but short cricket season the good heavens allowed in this pandemic period.

But, for Nitin (Chairman QV CC), Naveen (Co-Secretary) & Sanjay Kadam (coordinator for Almere Cricket), it was just not yet the time. Together, they were working on an ambitious plan of bringing cricket to the youth of Almere. 

Almere  has a sizable cricketing fraternity & enthusiasts but no cricketing facilities. The converging focal point was to kick start a club in Almere which has an uninterrupted focus that eyes, catches, grooms and nurtures Talent from a very young age. This is not a surprise as it is an open secret that leading clubs in the pinnacle of cricket in The Netherlands are leading because of their ambitious and well-funded youth programs which act as a well-oiled supply chain to identify bright talent and prepare them to play in the Dutch top leagues.

The first step in this direction: An indoor Cricket-Clinic

Together with the support of Ronald Voogt, advisor to Sport Service Almere & QV CC members, the management of QV CC announced an indoor cricket clinic in Almere for kids aged 6 to 14 years. The event and the program was a smash hit. It was an instant success among the local cricketing fraternity of Almere. Their interest was rightly placed and spot-on as they walk into 2021 with a hope of having an outdoor cricket facility in their city! 


Venue: Stedenwijk Sporthal, Almere
Date & program duration: Oct 4th, 10:30 am – 3:00 PM
KNCB Coaches: Tom Heggelman & Subir Shreshta
QVCC Coaches: Andy Baird, B. Kumaran, Himanshu Pant, Vinodh Ram

  • A total of 30 kids joined by their parents participated in the program, which included 8 young female enthusiasts wanting to have a go at the game.
  • The participating kids age was between  6 – 14 years. Their self-admission – the game is completely fascinating to them and the clinic-program has stimulated their interest in the game.
  • The kids were split into 5 groups (cricket stations) which dealt with rules & equipment, batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping aspects of the game.
  • All Kids and young guns thoroughly enjoyed and had a go at the mentioned aspects of the game and  as confessed, were excited and looking forward to being part of the indoor training. The parents were visibly excited to see their kids involved with the sport. 


At the end of the program, Tom and Subir spoke to the group consisting of QCC management, participating kids and their parents and informed them that they were extremely happy for being invited and appreciated the way the clinic was planned and conducted. They were also happy to note how visibly excited and enthusiastic the youth were during the clinic. Both Tom & Subir  have promised all support from KNCB to support cricket in Almere and ensure it’s a success!

  QCC Management would like to thank the team responsible for organizing and supporting this clinic. In no particular order: Andy Baird, Ajit Skanda, B. Kumaran, Himanshu Pant, Vinodh Ram, Balaji Sha, Rajesh E, Neha Jain &  Anu (who prepared the delicious lunch!)




QVCC is also happy to announce that indoor training sessions for the youth will be conducted on every Sat starting from 10th Oct. For more information on how to register, please send us an email on and we will be more than happy to provide you with more details.