AIRE VIVRE – Sports Day

Qui Vive Ladybirds, the women’s wing Qui Vive Cricket Club, has been actively involved in conducting sports activities such as BollyZumba (i.e. Zumba with Bollywood music), Yoga & Walkathon events in recent years. On 20-May-2017 the first edition of outdoor games has been initiated. The event aptly called AIRE VIVRE or fresh air took place on Qui Vive Cricket Club grounds with enthusiastic participation. Team games such as Seven Stones (Pithoo or Lagori), Kho-Kho, Throwball and Cricket were played and enjoyed by team members. Our guest invitee Dr. Nupur Kohli attended the event and gave an inspiring talk on the importance of fitness and sports in day-to-day life. She is the only woman of Indian origin to receive the award of Most Inspiring Woman of the Netherlands 2016.

After a resounding success of the first AIRE VIVRE event, the club plans to continue organizing outdoor sports regularly for this summer season with the objective of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. We hope to see you for the next events at your sporting best.

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