Presentation by Floris Evers

On Monday 27th March QuiVive had a great presentation by Floris Evers, former Dutch Hockey Captain on managing your personal performance and applying this to your business life.

We learned that if you want to flourish as person and team, you need to balance  your private and business lives, in Meaning, Engagement, Relations, Positive Emotions, Accomplishment and to a lesser extent vitality. What struck a cord was being in the flow where everything seems to gel and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Some of the examples of how he applied his Sustainable Performance Philosophy were highlighted. Floris brought out his Olympic medals, silver medal from Athens (2004) which he claims he won on his pure talent, energy and only being 19. Four years later he was disappointed to not be selected and embarrassed as his whole family had bought tickets to Beijing 2008 Olympics. He eventually went as a media person and had a great time, while the Dutch Men’s hockey team ended up 4th (no medal). Four years later (Loondon 2012) he says he made the Olympic team on motivation and they once again ended up with a silver medal. Floris a bit wiser, extremely motivated was captain.

An inspiration for managing yourself and knowing how to contribute to winning and enjoying the game of cricket.

An inspiring speaker and he really gave everybody some food for thought and some ideas to apply on both the cricket field, training pitch and work environment.

For those that missed his talk, stuck in traffic & could not make it, here is a link to a Dutch version of one of his speeches:

 In June we will try and arrange another guest speaker for the partners of CC QuiVive.